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Why your business should register for GST

GST, or Goods and Services Tax, is quite similar to VAT that is imposed on many countries around the world. While it is mandatory for certain companies that expect their annual turnover to be over 75,000 EUR or more, if it’s less than that, then it’s optional. Under certain circumstances, it’s even possible to be exempt from it. However, voluntary application through GST registration services could be beneficial to a business. Here’s how. (daugiau…)


How to Deal with Tax Debt

Dealing with tax debt can be difficult – especially if you do not have that kind of experience. Someone can say that it is your own business. We think that no one is protected from such problems and the last thing we should do is judging. Tax lawyers in Lithuania can help you to deal with tax debt. Are you interested? So, read more about that.



Registering for GST FAQ

There are several ways to register for GST. You can do it online, via phone or an agent. The most imporant part – do it when you first have registered your business or it can be done later. More information about GST registration services can be found in the online media. However, we would like to outline FAQ in this short article. (daugiau…)


Need to settle a dispute? 3 ways to do that in court

Although going to court for any reason is a hassle, a drain on finances and just an uneasy experience in general, sometimes it is a necessity, especially when you have to settle some serious legal disputes. Sometimes these proceedings go very smoothly, and all parties reach some sort of resolution quite quickly and amicably, but more often than not, both sides just cannot settle for one reason or another. When it comes to that, there are 3 ways to reach a dispute resolution in Lithuania. (daugiau…)


How to successfully prepare for sales return of taxes?

Even though thinking about the necessity to fill in the sales tax return can appear to be easy at first, in reality, it‘s a lot harder. It‘s not a secret that all the sales, VAT and other finance-related matters require the knowledge and the rules to follow while doing it the right way. In this text, we will introduce 4 key points to what is needed to know about tax return of sales and how to fill it properly. (daugiau…)


Starting a business? Basic things to know about VAT

So, you’re ready to start a global business and provide services for people all around the world, but when it comes to such topics as VAT and all it entails, it becomes a tad bit confusing? No worries, there are a lot of companies, such as, ready to come to your aid and help your business with such things as filing a simple VAT submission. (daugiau…)


Go and get that international business

I have to admit, in my opinion, Europe is one of the most modern continent in the world. Even mergers and acquisition in Europe makes it more majestic and free. (daugiau…)


How to sell successfully?

I think everyone could sell anything if they believe in it. The question is how far you can go for your dream? If you have been asking yourself am I good enough? Could I do that? What if I will fail? Trust me, you are on the right time. You should not be afraid of rivalry, sales tax registration services you need, marketing and so on. You just need to start doing your things and try to do your best. (daugiau…)

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Things to consider before cross border acquisition

First of all, let‘s define the term cross border acquisition Lithuania – it refers to one company of Lithuania or any one country acquiring a company in a different country than Lithuania. Because of the globalization, not only tax-free shopping is available outside other countries, but today business can also come together with other businesses and push agenda in the global market. However, the success of such acquisition depends on several factors, so let’s explore them in more detail. (daugiau…)

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Why and how to choose a good tax advisor?

According to experts, tax advisor is a very important person when doing business abroad and dealing with international taxes. As important as a lawyer, actually. If you are deciding if a tax advisor is needed for you, there are some tips on how to determine that. It is better to consider a few thing before hiring a really good and competent professional that will carry out very important tasks. (daugiau…)