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Go and get that international business

I have to admit, in my opinion, Europe is one of the most modern continent in the world. Even mergers and acquisition in Europe makes it more majestic and free.

Who am I?

I am lawyer so most of the time I travel around the Europe for the business meetings. Various companies hire me to solve their problems and if it is sounds very difficult I am more than happy with my profession. I have the opportunity to travel, meet new people, try new activities, create the environment I want around me.

Great Britain

I travel enough to find my favourite place and it is Great Britain without other competitors. After I manage affairs with mergers and acquisition in Europe for few companies I travel to England for the first time. I couldn’t imagine this country will be so marvelous for me. Starting with english breakfast and finishing with Big Ben. I was around Queens Palace and could say I never saw nothing like this before. It was magnificent and remarkable.

One thing I did not like about England it could be rain. One minute it was damn hot and sunny and other it was raining like a bucket.

Romania’s mountains

I could add one more country in my top 10 list and it could be unexpected. It’s Romania. Do you ever see something like Romania’s mountains? It is one of the most mountainous countries in the world, where mountains account for two thirds of the country’s total area. One bad thing about Romania that I really did not like their food so I have to choose fast food instead of nationality meals.

I have to admit that my job and all those mergers and acquisition in Europe provides benefits and I could travel and see places I will never forget.

admin • lapkričio 7, 2019

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