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Need to settle a dispute? 3 ways to do that in court

Although going to court for any reason is a hassle, a drain on finances and just an uneasy experience in general, sometimes it is a necessity, especially when you have to settle some serious legal disputes. Sometimes these proceedings go very smoothly, and all parties reach some sort of resolution quite quickly and amicably, but more often than not, both sides just cannot settle for one reason or another. When it comes to that, there are 3 ways to reach a dispute resolution in Lithuania.


The goal of this kind of method is to find a neutral party that could help the disputants to reach a consensus. The mediator does not try to impose a certain resolution – their job is to explore what each side wants from the deal and why. It is an effective way for both parties to vent their frustrations and grievances. Working together or separate from the parties helps mediators to help them find a favorable agreement.


With this method, a neutral party serves as a judge who is responsible for resolving the dispute. The arbitrator listens to each side and their arguments, then renders a decision – this method is effective for getting quick dispute resolution; in Lithuania and other countries it is used quite often. It helps the disputants negotiate virtually any aspect of the case and the arbitrator’s decisions are final.


Another common way to settle disputes is litigation. Here, the defendant has to face off against a plaintiff before a judge and in some cases a jury, too. The judge and the jury are responsible for weighting the evidence and making a ruling. The information conveyed in hearings and trials stays on the public record.

All these methods are viable options for dispute resolution, in Lithuania and the rest of the world. If time after time the parties cannot reach an agreement, it is best to consult your lawyers and choose the most suitable option out of these.

admin • gruodžio 10, 2019

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