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Registering for GST FAQ

There are several ways to register for GST. You can do it online, via phone or an agent. The most imporant part – do it when you first have registered your business or it can be done later. More information about GST registration services can be found in the online media. However, we would like to outline FAQ in this short article.



The first question about GST should be when to register for it? First, check every month seperatly whether you have reached the limit of the threshold or did you exceed it. If you have exceeded it, you have 21 day to register the turnover of the GST.

 The scenarios are: register when the business has more than 75 thousand dollars turnover, when you expect to reach turnover in the first year of your business. More about GST registration services you can read here.



Another focus should be on the question how to register for it? Of course, when starting business, first of all one must to register the company‘s name. After that, GSt can be registered via business portal, by phone, tax agent – you can choose the way that is the most convenient for your personally.

What happens if you don‘t?


Well, if you don‘t acquire GST registration services the consequences will not be liked by you. First, you may have to pay GST all back to the date you were required to register. Of course, you can always get penalties and fines.

We hope we managed to answer the most important questions that are relevant to you. If you have any more, just find a competitive company that has knowledge related to GST topic.

admin • sausio 8, 2020

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