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What damages our teeth?

If you want to have nice teeth you must have proper care. There are a lot of factors that cause gum inflammation and teeth problems – you have to know these factors because it will prevent you from serious problems. Also, if you already have some issues, go to an oral surgeon. Dublin is a good city to search for a specialist if you live in Ireland.


As you know from your childhood – candies is not a good option if you want to have healthy teeth. Candies increase a gum inflammation risk. We can relate the main tooth problems with the too big use of sugar and sweet food. It causes enamel erosion increases the risk of tooth decay.


You already know that smoking can cause various health problems relating not only to your teeth but also with the whole organism. If you have problems because of that call a good oral surgeon. Dublin has a lot of good options. You have to quit this bad habit because it damages your teeth ant its colour.

Piercing in the tongue

Piercing is a bad decision for those who want to have good looking teeth. It can damage your enamel. Before having piercing think about your precious teeth.

Chewing things

This habit is really bad – it can damage your enamel. Do not chew any pencils or other kinds of things that are not food. If it is hard to quit this habit, try to eat some peanuts. If you need more advises register to the oral surgeon. Dublin is the good city to find a good specialist.


Fruits have a lot of vitamin C. But the bad thing is that the acids damages your enamel. Also if you have some sores do not eat lemons because it can cause an unpleasant feeling.


To chew ice is not a good idea. It can crack your teeth and cause other serious problems. It is better to use ice for drinks.


You already know a lot of reasons why drinking alcohol is not a very good idea. Alcohol also dries your mouth – this process damages your teeth because in your mouth is not enough of saliva. If your mouth feels dehydrated, try to drink a lot of water.  If you already have this problem go to the oral surgeon. Dublin is the perfect place to find the right specialist.

Take care of your teeth and try to quit bad habits. Also, try to have regular consultations with your oral surgeon.

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